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Taking our life to another level

[March 26, 2012] Now we’re officially permanent residents of singapore. Wotwoooot! :D:D Okay, i know, there’s nothing fancy about it. In fact, all of my friends here apparently are singapore’s pr. What makes us gratefully happy is, this new status will help us to fulfill one of our dreams soon, and take our life to another level. We’ve been married
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95% confirmed!

Finalleeehhh, the love letter has arrived yesterday! **mepet-mepet dah senangnya bikin deg-degan**. Good news it is *wink*. Going to be great if we successfully pass the medical examinations which basically are hiv and tuberculosis tests only. But to be honest, i’m bloody anxious!! In our case, relieving news comes with a huge commitment (S-A-V-I-N-G) and not so easy tasks. A
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Niat Belajar

Segala sesuatunya itu, bisa dipelajari! Yang jadi kendala umumnya ya diri kita sendiri, mau gak belajar buat bisa? Suami bolak balik nanya, “gak mau ya ikutan les piano? mumpung di rumah ada piano kan.” (piano elektronik murce aja kok, buat suami iseng-iseng belajar). Atau, “ukulele mau? lucu kan kamu kalo bisa ukulele?”. Yang parah, “les vokal ga mau say?”. Hiyaaaaaaa,
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Am i a desperate housewife?

Having been a not working housewife for almost five years, i’m far from being desperate. In fact, i kinda enjoy it. Well may some of you think “yaeyalah…you should! You don’t have to work and more, you have no children to take care of”. Yes, you’re right. I may be one of those lucky women , but i tell you,
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The Dream Team

Last saturday, i met mas ali at vivo city. He was in the island to see an airshow and i was really excited when he mentioned me on twitter and asked to meet up. We had two hours of a nice chat, talking about my previous office’s gossips, current progress of my old team mates, and random stuff. Mas ali was my
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Citizens and Aliens

Having been residing in foreign countries for almost five years, i’ve learnt to accept that eventhough we’re legally called residents, in anyways we’re still be treated differently. Whether it comes to government services, financial benefits, or simply how local people feel and have their thoughts and perception of us, as aliens. For me personally, it’s fair enough. As long as
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God has the greatest sense of humour

…doesn’t He? I always smile whenever i think about my youngest brother who used to hate going to university and now end up working as a lecturer in his almamater. And he enjoys it! Among my three siblings, he was the one who i never imagined being an educator. Surprising, indeed. And i am happy for him. I said to
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Enak ga tinggal di SG?

Ini pertanyaan yang kerap dilontarkan keluarga dan teman2 ketika saya baru pindah dari kuala lumpur (kl) ke sg. Jujur, pas ditanya seringnya saya jawab “ya sama ajalah, masing2 ada plus minusnya.” No, bukan saya berlagak bijak sih, tp sumpah deh emang saat itu blm bisa bilang enak atau ga. Nah kebetulan kemarin saya ketemuan sama temen dari kl, Lucy &
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Pray For Japan

My heart is broken. All my prayer and thought are with the victims, the courage people who still stand up in dignity, even at the worst point one could ever imagine. May you all recover soon. (pic taken by hubby on our 2010 japan trip. kiyomizudera at kyoto)

Goodbye Twin Towers City, Hello Merlion Island

Hubby and I have been living in Singapore since mid of July. Because he was employed as a contractor in KL, we always anticipated the idea of moving abroad every year. Still, it was a tough decision. We’re torn between to keep staying in KL and to take chance of living in a new place where we both realized it’s gonna
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