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[BB] Our 1st Japan Trip – Part 2 : Kanto

On this second part, we’re going to go around tokyo and having a day trip to hakone. & we would also have a (really) brief visit to yokohama from hakone, just for grabbing some tees from hard rock and dinner . Both hakone & yokohama are very close to tokyo. So, for those who only could make a visit to
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[Before Blogging] Our 1st Japan Trip – Part 1 : Kansai & Chugoku

Hi! I’ve just added a new category on this blog, Before Blogging (BB), which i dedicate to all the good days happened prior to the born of this blog :). Let me begin with a post about our first trip to japan on june 24 – july 2, 2009. Well, i won’t talk too much this time, instead, i’ll indulge
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