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Highlights of 2012 Jakarta Trip

Hi! We just got back from jakarta. As i told earlier on previous post, this visit to jakarta was particularly dedicated to my BIL ( hubby’s little brother) who would get married on oct 28. But we’re apparently really lucky that around 3 weeks before jakarta trip, we got buyer for our land in BSD and things had been prepared
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May 14-23 : Brother #2 Is Visiting

+ i had fun. he had fun. we all had fun. – episode mendadak turis ini membuat kaki pegel gilaaaaakk! 🙂 All pics above taken with iPhone4 (mine or his). Will upload those taken with my LX3. Soon.

Special Feature : His Birthday.

  Here’s a few snapshots from today and a not-so-short recap. Right after the all three clock’s hands overlap at midnight, i gave him the selfmade birthday card and the gift. Oh and also the freshly baked kaastangel! :). I gave him a pair of casual shoes in camel, by cole haan, btw. At first, i was a bit worried
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Taking our life to another level

[March 26, 2012] Now we’re officially permanent residents of singapore. Wotwoooot! :D:D Okay, i know, there’s nothing fancy about it. In fact, all of my friends here apparently are singapore’s pr. What makes us gratefully happy is, this new status will help us to fulfill one of our dreams soon, and take our life to another level. We’ve been married
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God has the greatest sense of humour

…doesn’t He? I always smile whenever i think about my youngest brother who used to hate going to university and now end up working as a lecturer in his almamater. And he enjoys it! Among my three siblings, he was the one who i never imagined being an educator. Surprising, indeed. And i am happy for him. I said to
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Celebrating Idul Fitri in SG

See the full gallery on Posterous This year, for the first time ever, we decided not to fly home to Jakarta to celebrate Idul Fitri. Therefore i had to prepare all raya dishes and cookies by myself. I had already planned to baked my own homemade kaastangel and lidah kucing (cat tounge?) cookies way before ramadhan came. I thought i
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