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Rainbow Cake : The One That Tests My Patience

First of all, i’m not a super baker nor am i a magician. This is actually an output of my second attempt on making rainbow cake. Man, is it really demanding! If it was a woman, it would be someone like marilyn monroe. It screams public attention because it’s indeed extremely attractive, eye-catchy, and looks expensive! But to be frank,
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I have mentioned that my husband is a real combo of an avid reader and a book addict, right? I guess i have. And as a result of that fact, it becomes my never ending task to manage those hundrends of books in our house. They’re like, everywhere! In our living room, study room, bedroom, bathroom! The truth is, i
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100 Muffins

This month, i’ve baked quite often :). First, making kaastangel for hubby. Few days later, i baked giada’s mascarpone cheesecake for lis’ birthday, fisty’s hubby. This was the second time she ordered it for him and she mentioned that the cheesecake is his favorite cake now. Wow! It’s the best compliment i’ve got as a baking rookie. Thanks! Then, i
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spring cleaning

[31032012] When I moved from KL to singapore, i promised myself, i have to do “spring cleaning” every 6 months. Yah well, it’s not truly spring cleaning then, but whatever, let’s call it that way here. No more piles of rarely used clothes and makeups and skincare. Being a hoarder is disgusting and like many other things, it’s something that
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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Okay. It’s supposed to be posted a week ago. But here another random thing you should know about me : I do not like re-writing recipes. Don’t ask me why, i just don’t like it. That’s why when someone asked for a recipe of my cooking/baking result, i did feel, errrrrrr… **mendadak hening**. Not because i didn’t want to share
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Niat Belajar

Segala sesuatunya itu, bisa dipelajari! Yang jadi kendala umumnya ya diri kita sendiri, mau gak belajar buat bisa? Suami bolak balik nanya, “gak mau ya ikutan les piano? mumpung di rumah ada piano kan.” (piano elektronik murce aja kok, buat suami iseng-iseng belajar). Atau, “ukulele mau? lucu kan kamu kalo bisa ukulele?”. Yang parah, “les vokal ga mau say?”. Hiyaaaaaaa,
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$15 lidah kucing cookies :)

🙂 finally my kitchen could earn money. No, i haven’t officially accepted any order. It’s my friend in sg, chint13, who asked me to make another lidah kucing cookies for her, since post-idul fitri. She was one of those who stayed in sg on the last ied and (luckily? ^_^) received my homemade “lebaran cookies” package. But i said to
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Am i a desperate housewife?

Having been a not working housewife for almost five years, i’m far from being desperate. In fact, i kinda enjoy it. Well may some of you think “yaeyalah…you should! You don’t have to work and more, you have no children to take care of”. Yes, you’re right. I may be one of those lucky women , but i tell you,
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Celebrating Idul Fitri in SG

See the full gallery on Posterous This year, for the first time ever, we decided not to fly home to Jakarta to celebrate Idul Fitri. Therefore i had to prepare all raya dishes and cookies by myself. I had already planned to baked my own homemade kaastangel and lidah kucing (cat tounge?) cookies way before ramadhan came. I thought i
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fresh from my oven :)

Being a pastry chef or not, i promise myself that i must learn how to be a good home-baker 🙂