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fresh from my oven :)

Being a pastry chef or not, i promise myself that i must learn how to be a good home-baker 🙂

My new found love in baking

pic courtesy of I always fancy people who can create such delicious and beautiful desserts/cakes. Deep in my heart, it has been my dream of being a baker, a pastry chef. It’s ridiculous i know to have such dream if at that moment, I had never spent time in kitchen to cook. Until one day i was forced to
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A cake for the most loved one

About 3 months ago, I started to learn baking ( i gotta write something about how all this baking craziness all started….later.) with one short term goal. Making a birthday cake for hubby :). After testing a couple of cheesecake recipe (his fave kind of cake), nothing beats the mascarpone cheesecake by Giada. It is the most delicate cheesecake i’ve ever tasted.
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