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Enak ga tinggal di SG?

Ini pertanyaan yang kerap dilontarkan keluarga dan teman2 ketika saya baru pindah dari kuala lumpur (kl) ke sg. Jujur, pas ditanya seringnya saya jawab “ya sama ajalah, masing2 ada plus minusnya.” No, bukan saya berlagak bijak sih, tp sumpah deh emang saat itu blm bisa bilang enak atau ga. Nah kebetulan kemarin saya ketemuan sama temen dari kl, Lucy &
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negativity on socmed

When you join several social media, tell me, what is more annoying and irritating than having friends who are whining, complaining, and cursing all the time? It sucks! I understand that life is never meant to be easy. It’s fine to whine and complain sometime…who doesnt? But if all you can share to your friends/followers is only negativity, i’m afraid
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Quick Update

It’s been quite some time since my last thought/share. We’re still here in singapore, safe and sound. Pretty happy with our life here, tho some unfortunate events happened in 2011. We’re still living in punggol, still renting the same house. We hope if someday we must move out from here to a new house, it will be our own home.
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Promise, will write about something soon. It’s been abandoned for too long ^_^