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BB : Our 1st Japan Trip – Part 4 : Sanrio Puroland & Narita (The End)

At last, the final installment of the picture-story of our first trip to japan. Okay, this isn’t as much as the 3 parts earlier, i promise! 🙂 Secara yah bok di-sini yang ng-upload foto juga capek beneuuur! DAY 8 :  SANRIO PUROLAND Well, initially i excluded this sanrio puroland from our itinerary. First, because it’s a pretty long journey, about 1.5 –
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[Note to Myself] Thanks to Compound Interest

This is so unusual that i am blogging early in the morning :). Well, friday morning should be somewhat relaxing and started by something easy and fun, right? But not for this husband and wife. Not this friday morning. We just realized that my insurance(s) have been billed to our credit card and it felt like we got our heads
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Every Action Has A Reaction

Lagi pengen serius dikit nih. Tulisan ini terinspirasi oleh salah satu tweet dari akun twitter @islamicthinking. You’re not responsible for what people think about you. But you’re responsible for what you give them to think about you. And i couldn’t agree more. 🙂 Cukup sering ya gue dengar temen gue bilang, “hidup lo enak yah, rik, gak pernah ada masalah”.
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Never Take Health For Granted

After having delayed for many times, many years :), finally hubby has done his (quite) comprehensive health screening. Tampaknya bulan ini bulan kita berdua menjadi manusia dewasa deh :). Well, we know that it’s very essential to have regular medical examination when we reach 30. We understand that we do have to know our body’s condition really well so we
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May 14-23 : Brother #2 Is Visiting

+ i had fun. he had fun. we all had fun. – episode mendadak turis ini membuat kaki pegel gilaaaaakk! 🙂 All pics above taken with iPhone4 (mine or his). Will upload those taken with my LX3. Soon.

Rainbow Cake : The One That Tests My Patience

First of all, i’m not a super baker nor am i a magician. This is actually an output of my second attempt on making rainbow cake. Man, is it really demanding! If it was a woman, it would be someone like marilyn monroe. It screams public attention because it’s indeed extremely attractive, eye-catchy, and looks expensive! But to be frank,
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BB : Our 1st Japan Trip – Part 3 : Disneyland & Disneysea

This post captures my most favorite moments in japan, playing at disneyland and disneysea. We bought the two days passes, at that time in 2009, it cost Yen 10,000 per pax. We went to disneyland first, and then disneysea on the day after. Mind you…this post is having lotsa pictures! 🙂 DAY 6 : TOKYO DISNEYLAND    DAY 7
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