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Rainbow Cake : The One That Tests My Patience


First of all, i’m not a super baker nor am i a magician. This is actually an output of my second attempt on making rainbow cake. Man, is it really demanding! If it was a woman, it would be someone like marilyn monroe. It screams public attention because it’s indeed extremely attractive, eye-catchy, and looks expensive! But to be frank, many more humble ones taste (so much) better than it. Seriously!

On my first attempt, i did browse and pick an easier and not so demanding recipe. The one with cream cheese buttercream, like what you usually have on red velvet cake. And the best part, many home baker use the store bought white cake mix. So i thought, why wouldn’t i? Verdict? Yucks! It’s too sweet and too mahteh for my taste bud! Cream cheese buttercream might be suitable for rainbow cupcakes, but not this kind of cake that requires A LOT of buttercream. The white cake itself, the output isn’t as light and soft as red velvet cake. So at least until i find the right cream cheese buttercream recipe, i would never combine the rainbow cake with cream cheese. For those who like, well, just go with it. It surely makes your whole process easier.

I then screamed for help to lucy, my very-soon-to-be-chef friend. She gave me web-links to sweetapolita and whisk-kid, which actually have already been on my ipad’s bookmarked links ( i did ignore it on my first attempt, the original recipe, because it needs so much effort, is time consuming and testing your patience!). Btw, this whisk-kid is, i assume, “the creator” of this IT cake. Even martha stewart invited her to her show and put her recipe on her website.

At first, i still hesitated to try, i wasn’t sure whether i could do it. I had never made meringue buttercream before. Nor had i did multi layer cakes. Not to mention that i had to frost the cake with that buttercream. Truth is, i almost gave up. However, that’s what friends are for, right? Lucy repeatedly assured me that i could do it. She said that the original recipe is less sweet and taste a lot better. My pain on making the meringue buttercream would be paid off, she said. I should thank her, and fisty, another friend of mine, the one who asked me to make the cake. They both have been very supportive.

Oh well. We never know if we don’t give a try. Do we?

Long story short, i did it! Successfully! Well i can’t say it’s 100% satisfying, but i guess i scored 7 out of 10. For the second trial, i am quite happy for it. I need to find a way to make the “white cake” taste lovelier. And learn more on frosting the cake. Yeah i know i had the wilton cake decorating class before, and i still do it poorly.

Okay, now i think i am quite confident to make a rainbow birthday cake for fisty’s little d, next week. Wish me luck, people!


P.S. : I am reviewing this post and realizing one thing : i should’ve practiced food photography (yes, i did one day course on feb, and haven’t blog about it yet) for this rainbow cake. Yes, i should. I still have about 1/3 of pan ( I gave my neighbour almost half of it! Ha-ha. Her lil daughter loves it.), so i’ll try to capture it more properly. It deserves more than just an iphone quality kind of pictures. 🙂

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  1. Meta says:

    Rika, gw saluuut…bikin beginian mah kudu sabaaar bener ya? hihi klo gw bikin ginian pasti penampakannya amburadul abis. Udah bisa terima pesenan kue di sg kayanya Rik…coba pasarin aja, kan disana belum terlalu hits *soktau* ya rainbow cake?

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