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Never Take Health For Granted

After having delayed for many times, many years :), finally hubby has done his (quite) comprehensive health screening. Tampaknya bulan ini bulan kita berdua menjadi manusia dewasa deh :). Well, we know that it’s very essential to have regular medical examination when we reach 30. We understand that we do have to know our body’s condition really well so we could prevent any health problems. We agree that we should’t take our health for granted. But hey, it’s always easier said than done, isn’t it? :). We (he) somewhat always feel so afraid of knowing the truth. Even he gets an allowance for having medical check up every two years, selalunya ya “besok besok deh”, “entar pas ulang tahun”, “entar awal tahun”. Haiyah. This year, i tell him many times, we must do it. MUST. No more procrastinations. So we went to raffles hospital at bugis, because he has had medical record there since 2010 when he got a kidney stone.

They have several health screening packages, depending on our age’s needs. He chose the one for 30s and early 40s. Beside standard blood test and physical examination, he had to choose 3 tumor marker tests, and 1 ultrasound. He chose TM for liver, colon, and pancreas, and abdomen ultrasound.

The Result

Alhamdulillah, nothing to worry about.

Except, his uric acid level is pretty high (as expected). It leads another formation of kidney stone πŸ™ . So it’s my big task to serve him meals that are low in purines. See this linkΒ to get knowledge of high purine foods. The hardest is to cut down on high purine vegetables like spinach, tomato, beans, and broccoli. My goodness, they all are super healthy veggies! Sigh. But i think, i’ll focus on eliminating yeast and seafoods (with shells). We don’t eat sweetbreads and animal organs (kecuali suami sih makan ati ampla ayam dan paru sapi, tapi itu pun jaraaaaaaaaanggg banget!). And though we do rarely eat red meats, i guess we should lessen it more. From once a week (sometimes once in two weeks), to once a month? πŸ™‚ Sekalian pengiritan ehehehhehe.

Then, his HDL is a bit low. Even though his cholesterol level is normal. It should be somewhere above 40 or 60, and his is 30. The doc said, no ways to increase HDL except doing exercises. HA-HA! **lempar sepatu lari & gelar yoga mat**

Ya mungkin itu juga ya kenapa asam urat-nya bisa tinggi padahal gue udah berusaha banget untuk jaga asupan makanan dia dan cekokin bergelas-gelas air putih. Kurang olah raga. Jadi (mungkin) protein-nya nimbun aja gitu.

All in all, we both are very relieved. He just needs to check the HDL and uric acid levels in next 3-4 months. And having kidney ultrasound next year.

What About Me?

Ngomongin orang mulu dari tadi, terus elo sendiri gimana rik? πŸ™‚ I am planning to have a health screening at the end of this year (catet!!).

Btw, last week i’ve also had my annual breast exam in TTSH. Alhamdulillah juga, all is good. It’s been 4 years that the results have shown no fibro-adenomas in my breasts. I guess the first one was indeed something hormonal. Untung aja tuh dulu gue enggak main iya aja pas mau di-operasi. Thank God that i did look for second opinion ( both in jakarta).

That’s it for now.

Eat well, keep active, and stay healthy, people!

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