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[Note to Myself] Thanks to Compound Interest

This is so unusual that i am blogging early in the morning :). Well, friday morning should be somewhat relaxing and started by something easy and fun, right? But not for this husband and wife. Not this friday morning.

We just realized that my insurance(s) have been billed to our credit card and it felt like we got our heads knocked by thor’s mighty hammer $&%!!. Well, it’s not that amount that caused headache, but we suddenly realized that we still have his insurances & our investments to be billed, monthly, starting next month or the month after, until … errr 20 years, 30 years from now? **pokoknya sampai uangnya segudang deh kayak paman gober**. Huaaaa TIDAAAAKK! (waktu bikin plan pada sadar enggak sih nih suami istri?). Hadeuhhh, mau hidup enak aja susah deeeeh … (ya menurut looooo?).

Dan si istri yang kalau urusan duit pasti otaknya enggak bisa santai ini, begitu pak suami berangkat, langsung bok hitung sana hitung sini. Awalnya sih cuma mengandalkan kalkulator iPhone, tapi lama-lama tampak bodoh ya. Pakai excel dong, mbak’eee!

Lalu buka excel, bikin tabel, masukin angka (pake lupa rumus pulak!), bikin variasi ROI, and … pheeewwww! **lempar balik palu-nya thor**. Now i remember why in the first place we decided to commit to this whole financial planning things. It’s all about our future. Our 15 years time from now. And beyond.

Dan seperti mengutip kata-kata pak suami pada pertemuan kedua dengan Nana dulu itu, “einstein once said, compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe“. 🙂 And it’s true, baby. It’s the greatest invention of all time.

So next time, rika, before you feel like getting craziiiehh, just open that excel sheet and think about these :

  • that you want to be happy and fabulous when you’re 50, 60, 70, and 80;
  • that you want to travel around the world with your dearest husband when you’re 50,60, and 70 ( cukup tahu diri enggak ngayal traveling berdua pas umur 80);
  • and that you (and your husband) do not want to have financial constraints if one day in your old age, you’re weak and sick.

 p.s. : i then named that excel file as “baca ini kalo stress”. Hahahahaha.

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  1. riska says:

    i keep a note to myself on this, too. menggunakan jasa financial planner benar-benar mengubah arah pandang deh, tadinya yang diliat target-target kekinian, sekarang jadi fokus ke future goals. yang paling ‘menohok’ buat gue adalah dana kesehatan setelah pensiun, hihi, karena saat itu si financial planner bilang “kita gak mau ngerepotin keluarga kan nantinya kalau kita sakit-sakitan saat sudah memasuki usia non-produktif” whoaa…
    happy investing, anyways!

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