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Bangkok June 2012 : Part 1 of 2

Sawadeekhaaaa…! 🙂

Yes, we’re just back from this spontaneous gateway to bangkok couple days ago. We departed from changi airport early in the morning on June 27, and back in town on June 30 afternoon, well almost evening. Our plane had to fly around for another 30 minutes because changi airport was temporarily closed for commercial flights, due to national day rehearsal. Really??


We landed in suvarnabhumi around 8.30 am local time. Passing through thai immigration, claiming our luggage, and buying prepaid simcard for iPhone took more than one hour, and then we went downstair to basement to take taxi (just follow the “taxi meter” signage) to the city. The taxi fortunately used meter, and together with 50 baht airport charge plus highway fare, we paid 400 baht ( +/- S$16) for a trip from airport to our hotel lebua at state tower, at silom/sathorn area. Not bad, huh?

Jadi ceritanya kita (gue) udah parno duluan kalau bakal ketemu supir taksi yang enggak mau pakai meter dan main ketok harga. Terus sempat kepikir, apa pakai limo taksi aja ya, secara kan kalau dikKL harga limo taksi beda tipis sama taksi biasa. Pas tanya di counter limo, “1600 baht” alias S$64. Gilingan ih! Secara kalau pakai meter, menurut buku travel sekitar 350-450 baht. Akhirnya kita “nekat” ke counter taksi meter biasa (pikirannya, yah gapapa deh kekeuh-kekeuhan kalau si supir enggak mau pake meter. Seru jadi pengalaman!), ehhhh syukur alhamdulillah si supir tanpa diminta langsung nyalain meterannya.)

We arrived at lebua around 11 am. They were nice to allow us to check in earlier and go upstair to our room at level 24. The hotel building is not as classy as I thought it would be, but it’s quite alright. Well, i think their selling points are the location, the dome at level 64 or 65 where sirocco restaurant and the skybar located, and well … the fact that it’s used for filming Hangover II.

But the room was very nice. And it’s huge. Ours was the riverside view room, so there we could see the chao phraya river from the balcony. Nice, isn’t it? Especially at night, it’s gorgeous! You’ll see.

**trivia : before leaving our room, the staff asked us to sign an agreement that the hotel would not take any responsibility if in any case, the guest jumps out of the balcony.

We then walked to the central pier, at BTS saphan taksin (+/- 1km from lebua). We would take a boat trip to the grand palace and wat phra kaew (temple of emerald buddha). Initially on my itinerary, we had planned to visit two other temples, wat po and wat arun. They are located quite near from each other. However, that day, the sun shone at its maximum level, panas gilak!, and we’re so beat after walking around the grand palace complex for more than one hour. Hence, we skipped the last two.

To go to these wats, you can either rent a whole boat ( long tail boat, semacam perahu nelayan gitu lah) or take a ride on chao phraya express boat ( bigger, it’s like small ferry boat), like what we did. The latter stops only on several piers, mostly on those tourist attractions. We spontaneously bought one day ticket for 150 baht. A thing that later on we regretted 🙂 because we only managed to go to the grand palace and went back to central pier. It cost only around 30-50 baht if we bought single tickets.


We alighted on pier N9. As expected, it’s crowded and as far as we were seeing, there were foods sold on the small stalls. Honestly, as tempting as they could be, we both didn’t have guts to try those foods. That was our first day in bangkok, and having an upset stomach was the last thing we wanted.

At the end of this market, just before crossing the street to the grand palace complex, we found a restaurant/cafe called something navy 77. We’re starving and that was the most promising place we got so far, so we went in. he food turned out nice, very nice. I had the green chicken curry with rice and he got himself a plate of fried rice. We also got mango sticky rice for our dessert. Oh, the young coconut was sooooo good! So refreshing.

After finishing our lunch, we crossed the street and heading to the main gate of the grand palace. One thing to keep in mind, be sure you wear something appropriate :). No open shoulders and no open legs. Jadi, sepanas apapun bangkok, dengkul kudu ketutup dan jangan pakai tank-top yah ke grand palace. Or you might want to bring along a stole or cardigan. The entrance fee is 400 baht/person (S$16). Quite expensive, in my opinion.


Aren’t you amazed with this place? Well, i am. It’s just amazing that they can have this picturesque site in the middle of bangkok. To see the complex at the first time when i entered the main gate was beyond words. I knew tha4 this place is one of the must sees in bangkok, but hadn’t expected something this charming. And very well-maintained.

Enough of something historical :). We so much needed to be in an air conditioned room!

Oh wait, we had to go to sukhumvit area first to check out the place that hubby would like to visit on thursday. It’s a cafe in sukhumvit soi 63. We rode BTS train and alighted on ekkamai station. Then we took a bus ride for a couple of stops. Bis-nya jadul sejadul-jadulnya, lebih kaleng dari metromini deh kayaknya. Tapi bagusnya, it stops only on the bus stops, and it always has the door shut when it’s moving.


From sukhumvit, we’re heading to siam paragon shopping mall to get some fresh air :). And because we were so tired and had no intentions to explore some more areas, we decided to have dinner at siam paragon. Again, i didn’t exactly follow my own itinerary. It should’ve been having dinner at thiptara long beach at peninsula hotel. Plus, i did forget to call for reservation.

When i browsed the shop directory, i saw a familiar name from restaurant list. Taling pling. It’s one of three recommended restaurants that i got from frommer’s travel guide. I think this paragon branch is kinda new, because i am sure it’s not mentioned on frommer’s.

Taling pling is on basement level, it’s #G30 if i am not mistaken. Somewhere around the restaurants row, near the gourmet market. Hmm i am telling you, this restaurant is so worth trying. It’s not expensive and it’s GOOD! We ordered one appetizer (semacam salad ikan asin, enak dan segar banget!), two main course, two plates of steamed rice, 2 drinks, and they’re all only 850 baht, or S$35. Secara gitu ya thai food di singapore lumayan mahal.

the one in the middle is the best! It’s a bit spicy and savory. Yumm…!

This dessert cafe on below picture, was so over crowded. Many people, mostly youngsters, waited in front of the cafe to be seated. Oh well, if a cafe was that crowded, it must be something good in there. But i was really stuffed at that time, and i knew that hubby wouldn’t want it since he’s not really into sweet desserts like cakes or ice creams. But i knew i should try it before i flew back to singapore :).






view from our bre!kfast table

As we had planned, hubby would go to sukhumvit at 12 pm, and i would stay around siam area. The not-so-good side of living in a place like singapore, we’ll be over worried when we’re traveling to … well, many places. So we would text each other every time we moved to a different place. Bukannya sok atau lebay sih ya, tapi ya jaga-jaga. Mana pun kan enggak punya kenalan di bangkok.

After wandering around paragon for a while and managed to buy fisty’s nars (well, i bought one too hehehehe), i went outside across paragon side, and walked along the way until i found the infamous mah boon krong a.k.a MBK, at the corner of siam junction ( well, that’s what i call it). So i went there just to see what they have inside. Well, … it truly is not a shopper haven, honestly. At least not shoppers from jakarta, or errr singapore for sure.

But hey, it doesn’t mean they have nothing interesting here. At least, you can buy a thailand/bangkok printed t-shirt for 99 baht each. Less than S$4. Not bad for souvenirs, ya enggak sih? Or you can buy any other souvenirs, snacks, or cute vintage-like printed tees for only 150 baht, or S$6. I wore the tee on my last day in bangkok and i took picture of it, so you’ll see how cute it is on my next post :).

I know it might be more expensive to buy souvenirs or local snacks here than in chatuchak or anywhere else, but for me who surely couldn’t go to chatuchak and had no plans to go to some night markets, it was more convenient and less hassle to buy those here. Terus ini snack namanya apa ya, enakkkk! Atasnya itu ada parutan kelapa kering atau egg yolk. Ada yang pakai cream juga, tapi gue enggak suka. Jadi terlalu blenek.


Gak terasa, dua jam lebih aja gitu gue muterin si MBK ini. Daripada makin lama makin dibeli yang enggak enggak, mari kita keluar dari ITC ala bangkok ini.

From MBK, i then crossed the street to go back to paragon. This time, i didn’t take the main road, i strolled along siam square area instead. It’s located behind the main road. Ya kayak blok/jalanan di melawai atau pasar baru gitu lah :).

Back to paragon, i went downstair to the basement to get a drink and snack. Yup! I didn’t forget about my plan to try the packed dessert cafe, after you :). I took the Q number and waited about 10 minutes to be seated. I really wanted to try the thick toast with ice cream as i saw mostly people ordered it. But i was also tempted on its caramel pudding. **enggak apa-apa, kapan-kapan bisa balik lagi ke sini**



Terus, habis suami datang, muter-muter sebentar, mampir ke kinokuniya, terus makan malam di foodhall-nya paragon di basement. Di sini, kita harus beli kartu dulu, isi sejumlah yang kita perlukan, dan nanti sisa saldonya bisa diminta balik. Ya kayak di eat and eat atau urban kitchen lah.

Di tempat beli tom yum soup dan nasi plus crispy omelette, menu-nya seafood semua. Dan rasanya lumayan enak. Rame banget juga yang antri. Kalau pad-thai nya, ya lumayan deh seperti adanya pad-thai :). Ini kiosnya juga khusus jual pad-thai.

Makan di foodhall-nya paragon ini, murahhhh! Satu menu gitu harganya banyak yang 60-80 baht. Paling mahal mungkin 120-180 baht tergantung lauk-nya apa. Minum gitu satu gelas medium harganya 35 baht. Jadi kalau buat 2 orang, paling isi aja 300-350 baht di kartunya.

And before going back to hotel, we’re heading back to siam square area to go to hard rock cafe. Buying some tees in hard rock is always on (his) itinerary.

view from BTS siam


… will be continued on “Bangkok June 2012 : Part 2 of 2”.

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