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Taking our life to another level

[March 26, 2012]

Now we’re officially permanent residents of singapore. Wotwoooot! :D:D

Okay, i know, there’s nothing fancy about it. In fact, all of my friends here apparently are singapore’s pr. What makes us gratefully happy is, this new status will help us to fulfill one of our dreams soon, and take our life to another level. We’ve been married for almost 7 years, and since the first year, we never stayed in one place permanently. There’s always a thought “are we still here next year?”. And that, has been our excuse for not having our own roof. Since day one of our marriage, we’ve been “wasting” money for renting a house.

Now that we are permanent residents here, we feel more confident and more secure to buy a place to live. Yes i know, buying a condo needs no permanent residency, but we can’t afford the risk of so many uncertainties. Well, apart from the fact that we need longer time to save money, for sure :). As an employment pass holder, hubby didn’t have flexibility as he’s totally attached on one employer. Not that he thought to move to another employer though, but it’s more like, we’re afraid of an unfortunate event that might happen as a result of current global economic crisis. Even more, we’re still quite unsure whether or not this crisis will hit singapore in the near future. Reading news couple weeks ago about expert’s forecast of singapore property, they said things will likely to be stagnant. And they added, if hongkong property could be decreasing, chances are, singapore will probably get through the same condition.

So recently, we reconsider our initial idea to include condo on our property hunting. Using our common sense, it seems that buying hdb flat will be the wisest decision at this moment. If property index falls down, the luxurious ones are the first to get impact. We build our saving with his hard works, and i tell you, it’s not easy at all. So, we’d better prioritize on what we urgently need, a decent home.

Having been living in this northeast suburb area for almost 2 years, we’ve grown to love the surrounding and feel that we’re pretty content with current hdb flat in punggol estate. Most of the buildings are around 10 years old with condo-like unit layout. Yes, it’s rather far from city (15 minutes taxi ride from orchard), but on the other hand, it’s quiet & peaceful green environment. Plus, punggol’s future site plan is very promising. So our plan is looking for a unit in this neighbourhood, and then we will renovate it.

However, we need time to execute the plan. There are so many things on our to do list. Having an npwp is at the top of the list. And then putting our land in the green-bsd up for sale. Hopefully those things will have done by ramadhan/idul fitri. Therefore, we have plenty of time to get good offer. And if things go well, including “rebuilding our emergency fund” as current saving is likely to be used up for house down-payment+cov+renovation, february or march 2013 is time to house hunting. That’s the target. We really hope that we don’t have to renew the fourth contract of current house. Paying rent in singapore is such a pain in the as*. Seriously.

Well, that’s it. Wish us luck, people! And you, my beloved life partner (i know you read this), please reduce your frequency on shopping online plus spending for random hobbies, for a little while, will you? 🙂 **love**


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  2. […] Oh yaaaa, mungkin dari tadi ada yang mikir, ribet amat ya beli rumah di singapur. Well, iya ribet BANGET! Tapi itu semata-mata karena kita maunya beli resale HDB flat. Nah kalau beli condo sih yaaaa engga seberapa ribet lah. Wong foreigner aja boleh beli kok. Yang penting mah, fulus-nya ada . Kenapa gue dan suami maunya beli HDB dan kenapa maunya di punggol, ini udah pernah gue bahas di postingan ini. […]

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