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Bangkok June 2012 : Part 2 of 2

Sawadeekhaaa … Let’s continue to the second half of this bangkok trip post.

Btw, you might want to see the part one here.


Today’s main agenda : attending cooking class at blue elephant.

Wooo-hoooo … excited! It is apparently one of tourist’s favorite activities in bangkok, or thailand. In many travel guide books, two places are truly recommended, the oriental and the blue elephant. The former is held by mandarin oriental hotel in bangkok riverside area and costs 4000 baht per person, for half day cooking class. It’s more expensive than blue elephant, which costs 2800 baht per person. We chose blue elephant because it’s cheaper, of course, and i saw no porks on their menu (cooking class’ menu). On top of that, it’s located very close to our hotel, lebua. It’s right under BTS surasak, one stop after BTS saphan taksin (my nearest BTS).

The class starts at 8.45 am until lunch time. That’s the schedule, but we started late, almost one hour. We began with visiting local market, which ridiculously is very near to our hotel. Caelaaa, tau gitu kan ditunggu di pasar aja :). Our guide (am not sure, but she may be one of the cooks in blue elephant) introduced us to many local produce and ingredients.

Starting from fruits, then she led us to a drink stall and bought us thai ice tea and thai ice coffee **slurppp*. After that she took us to thai seasoning and spices shop, and ending the tour in vegetables and herbs stall (yang mana disampingnya ada meat stall dan bikin gue eneg – gak suka bau daging.). It’s fun indeed. Although we’re not as excited as those americans, australians, and hongkongers when the guide showed us bell apple (jambu), dukuh, snake fruit (salak), and mangosteen (manggis). Yaiyalah.

this kind of bug surprisingly smells nice when it’s cracked. πŸ™‚ ya i know, looks horrible, doesn’t it?

We’re going back to blue elephant by train. Just to be noted, the roundtrip by BTS, the fruits we tasted, and the drinks, all was on them, the blue elephant. Even the bug, if one wanted to keep ( or swallow) it :).

First, we went upstair to the class and introducedd to our instructor, miss mam :). She’s so warm and funny. Here’s a list of dishes we would learn to cook :

  1. Satay Nua: Beef Satay
  2. Yum Kai Yang Nam Prik Phaow: Grilled Chicken Salad with Roasted Chili Paste
  3. Plaa Jien Ta-Krai: Deep Fried Fish topped with Lemongrass Sauce
  4. Kaeng Khua Koong Sap0arod: Red Curry with Prawns and Pineapple

She and her assistant then showed us how to process each recipe first, step by step. She also gave some alternatives for when wekcouldn’t find particular ingredients in our home. Shortly after they finished cooking the dishes, we’re allowed to taste. And then she would ask us to go to the kitchen class and start cooking at our own stations.

Then, we’re back to the class, bla bla bla, took pictures, given our certificates, and finally we’re escorted to the dining area downstair to have lunch. We ate what we had cooked and got a complimentary dessert, a bowl of green tea and lychee ice cream. Yummm. Bon appetite!

Finished with the cooking class, we’re full and sleepy, plus it’s so hot outside. Going back to hotel did sound really tempting. We then took a rest for a couple of hours.

In the afternoon, we’re going to siam paragon again. I wanted to buy stuff from naraya in siam discovery. Also, i needed to get some thai packed seasonings at market gourmet siam paragon. So again, we had dinner at the food hall.

Along our way back from BTS taksin to lebua, we took some pictures of surrounding crowds. And i still had no guts to try snacks sold at those street-stalls. Boo-hoo …! Gak seru ah kita! πŸ™‚

And these are views from our balcony at night. I told you, … gorgeous, right?

Ini yah ambil foto yang jalanan di bawah pas si suami ketiduran. Kalau enggak, bisa bawel banget dia lihat istrinya ngegelesot di lantai balkon dan ngejulurin tangan ke celah-celah balkon buat motret. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



We gotta check out before 1 pm and catched the 3.30 pm flight. So we’re just strolling around the neighborhood and taking some more photos after having breakfast.

Back to our hotel room, i took a bath and then finalized our packing. I’m telling you, packing luggage(s) is a great deal for me and for that reason, i always take extra effort to do it. I am not the one who can throw all the stuff in, lock the zips up, and go. No-No-No!

We checked out of lebua at 12.30 pm and off to airport by taxi.

I had a stupid yet hilarious experience in suvarnabhumi. So, in thailand, you are able to claim GST refund when you purchase things (make sure the barcode says it’s GST inclusive) in one store for minimum 2,000 baht/day. I had made a purchase at paragon on thursday for more than 3,000 baht and i’ve already got the refund form from the customer service as well. It’s stated that i would get 204 baht for refund ( mayan deh buat beli fridge magnets). I must tell you that i had never done this GST refund things before, so it’s kinda new for me. And because getting the form from paragon that day was pretty quick and easy, i thought why wouldn’t i? Just for the sake of the experience, as i am not eligible to do it in singapore. Guess what! When i was claiming it on the GST refund counter in airport, my 204 baht was deducted by 100 baht commission! I only got 104 baht for GST refund!! Mau ngakak neeeeekkkk! Tega bener deh ih. I couldn’t even buy a fridge magnet with it, as it’s 150 baht per piece. LOL.

Well, that’s all about our recent trip to the city of angels, bangkok.

All in all, we had fun, a lot of fun. We’re well-fed, we had enjoyable stay in lebua, we got two nice taxi drivers who didn’t rip us off, the traffic wasn’t as hell as i’d heard, and our flights were also quite smooth and experiencing only minor turbulence. What else could i ask for a great gateway?

Yes, of course, bangkok has so many flaws as well.Β In fact, after returning from bangkok, i’m not experiencing those holiday blues. Don’t know why, perhaps because it’s just a stone’s throw away, so somehow i know that we’ll go there again in the near future. Or maybe, because i feel like i’ve just got back from somewhere familiar, a mix of kuala lumpur and jakarta. But the thing about holiday is, well for us, it’s about getting out of our routines, having fun with the loved ones, and the most important thing for me personally – having my husband temporarily distracted by his workloads.

Thank you, baby. You know that i don’t mind getting another spontaneous holiday, right? πŸ™‚

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