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Two Years and Counting …

This july marks our 2nd anniversary of living in singapore :). Yeah, the time just flies. Sure. It feels like yesterday i packed all of our stuff in KL and moved here. Somehow i can still feel all the weariness. To go to KL, back and forth, every 2-3 weeks to get things done there. I remember that i took that moment to start blogging on posterous. 🙂

And this also means, we’ve been out of our home country for 6 years. Well, 5 years for me, since september 2007. Thank God, we’ve enjoyed it so far.  If you ask me when we’re coming back to indonesia, i don’t know. We’re not seeing it in our short-term plan. And if you ask me, would we move to another countries? Well, again, i don’t know. Based on current conditions and situation, staying in this real-life simcity is our best bet.


  • The most important reason is it’s geographically close to jakarta. It’s practically easy to just go to changi and fly to jakarta, if needed. Also, its weather and time zone (apalagi sebentar lagi jadi sama persis kan) are quite similar to jakarta. With brighter blue sky and cleaner air as bonuses.
  • Its people. Our looks blend very well with them :). And although being moslems become minority here, we’re still able to find mosque and halal food easily. At least, many, many options of no pork no lard food. True that sometimes we’ll meet kiasu aunties, smelly persons, unruly and ignorant people. But don’t we find those kinds of people all over the world?
  • Speaking of the people, i’m purely blessed that we have some good friends here. Not as many as we have in KL, but at least we know, we get those friends in need. Plus, i have clement, my older cousin, living here as well.
  • The foods. Well, not that i’m fond of authentic singaporean food sih :), but more to the fact that we can easily get tasty indonesian food here. Ya suka juga sama nasi briyani ayam goreng, roti prata keju dan coklat di punggol, kopi ala kopitiam, kaya toast yakun, otah di qi-ji … (ya gimana enggak gendut deh lo, rik!).
  • The rest is all common reasons you may hear from others. The infrastructures, the efficiency of the government related services, and so on and so forth.

No drawbacks at all?

Ya enggak mungkin enggak ada kan? Even in simcity, you can’t get 100% perfect life, without cheating. Right? :). But i’ve found that these issues apparently become common problems in singapore. Jadi, kalau orang lain bisa bertahan, kenapa juga kita enggak bisa. Ya enggak, ya enggak?

  • Hubby gets heavier workloads with higher pace. Sometimes. Like now as i am writing this, hubby just left to the office because they get problems there and he’s needed. And it’s sunday afternoon, btw. It’s been weeks he’s coming home late and working for 12 hours or more a day. But during 365 days in a year, or normally 260 working days per year, it’s probably 25% that he works insanely, 50% is for normal working days, and another 25% that he can leave home after 8 and go back home before 7. **tapi ya, bapake ini kayaknya mau kerja di mana juga sih bakalan sama aja ritme nya**
  • We can’t spend as much as we did in KL. Blame it on ludicrously expensive property here.
Hopefully, the drawback list keeps staying with only those two and doesn’t go longer 🙂

One thing to be noted, we’ve both decided to currently live here in singapore not without sensible reasons. Not for getting my twitter location written as the little red dot. Nor do i want to be called as a singapore resident (though it might give me benefits sometimes). We did decide to stay here after taking so many calculations. Numbers and non numbers.

Looking back to 6 years ago, we went abroad because hubby got a chance and we chose to take it. For one single reason : to be able to buy a house by fully-paid in jakarta. During the time, we’ve been through many things. He’d had an offer from singapore circa 2008 before the downturn, but at that time we thought we’re not ready to move. However, when another chance came in 2010, we somehow thought that we’re gonna give it a try. If things happen not to be as expected, we move back to KL, that’s what we thought. But now here we are … welcoming our third year in singapore. 🙂

We don’t know what will happen in the future, but we’ve made our plans for couple of years ahead. Insya Allah, all goes well. Amin. Doakan kamiiiii … !

**teken kontrak perpanjang sewa rumah**

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