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2012 : What Have You Got So Far?

We’re about to enter the last half month of 2012, and what have we got so far? Have you ticked most of the items on your resolution list? Or, you’ve even just remembered that you did have that resolution list? 🙂

I myself made a short list of resolutions/goals in the beginning of this year. Apparently, all is physical goals :). Here what i wrote down on my notes apps in the iPhone :

  1. Jogging/walking for 30′ 3-4x/week
  2. Register on yoga/pilates class
  3. Keeping body weight constantly on 50-52 kg.

I’ve done number 1 and 2. And still struggling to achieve number 3. I know it’s just a matter of 2-4 kilos of excess baggage, but on this 1.53 m tall body, those extras significantly give me different appearance. Particularly on my thighs (obviously!), hip, and face shape (pipi tembem!).

I started doing brisk walking on april 2012, but the first 2 months were really not intense as I was still adjusting myself to this new routine. Around the same time, I also registered myself on a pilates class in punggol community club. However, I stopped doing the latter when the fasting month came :). I am currently planning to register again for january/february class.

As for walking, hopefully i can make it my routine for … mmm forever? To be honest, at this moment my current motivation to do a 5-6 kilometers of brisk walking for at least 3 times a week is losing those extra weights. That’s the major reason as i desperately need to get back to my proportional figure. Once i achieve this level ( i am not dreaming of being skinny, though), I may walk a bit less intense, but i know i need to keep walking regularly. Just for the sake of being healthy and of course, fit and fabulous ( ini boleh pake hashtag #fitnfab nya female daily ya 🙂 hehehe). May someone ask, Why don’t i run? Well, i sometimes do running during my walking session. I run very briefly and shortly, just to increase my heart rate. At this moment, i am not into running. I just can’t stand the idea of me running nonstop for 30-60 minutes. I admit, i am not that tough.

Another progress is, lately hubby’s been starting to do walking with me :). We’ve walked together for 3 times so far, on the weekends. Well … i don’t know why on earth suddenly he gained interest on exercising, especially walking. It could be because of me. Or perhaps, because one of his best buddies is moving to punggol really soon and he’s a frequent participant on marathon race. I am pretty sure this man will regularly jog along the waterway of punggol on weekends. Or maybe, hubby just simply realized how he needs to start to take care of his body. Whatever the reason is, i am happy. Even when he decided to buy himself the latest polar watch ( cannot remember the name, it’s the one with heart rate and built in GPS) and gave the free one ( it’s BOGO), polar FT1 which can do nothing but showing heart rate ( and time, of course) for me, i couldn’t complain because the most important thing is, he finally started doing exercise ( pasang papan “istri solehah” di jidat).

Well, that’s about my written 2012 resolutions. Was it an unwritten one? Cannot say it was a resolution or goal, but dream may be the exact word for it. Since 2011, we’ve talked about buying a house in singapore quite often. Mainly because rental fee is significantly increasing every year and we thought we would be stupid enough if we continued on paying it for years and years and years. I’ve already shared somewhere in this blog that eventually on our 15th month of living in singapore, we applied for singapore permanent residents (SPR). I may say that the decision was quite spontaneous, because the truth is, when we first moved to singapore, we didn’t think we want to be SPR for the first 3 years. But i guess that damn high rental fee really helped us reconsider about it.

We got our application approved 5.5 months later, on march 2012, and we started to put our property in BSD on market afterward. Alhamdulillah, it’s sold in october, and since november we’ve been hunting a house ( HDB flat) in punggol area. We’ve lived here for over 2 years and we have no intention to move to other estates. At the moment i am writing this post, we’ve already found a prospect house. Sure we still have to go a long process to get the house to be legally ours, but i can say that 2012 has been a momentous year for this ‘getting our very own house’ journey.

So both written and unwritten, i am very blissful of what we’ve got so far. Let’s hope we can get even more joyous moments in these last weeks of 2012.



edited on 06/01/2013.

Just remembered that we did get one more resolution/plan done in 2012. How come i forgot it as it was such a significant progress for us.

We, finally, engaged ourselves to really do financial planning. We’ve had help from a financial planner, and so far we’re doing pretty good. And for 2013, we still have one thing to be done. Executing our plan for getting a will writing service. 

You know, it’s so relieving to eventually do what we’ve had to do since years ago. Better late than never, right? 🙂

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