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WHoaa … It’s been 6 months since my last update. Keeping my renovation journey updated was in fact seriously not an easy job. Man, was it exhausted!! Mentally, emotionally, and financially. I lost almost 2 kilos of my weight during the one month renovation & house moving.  Oh no worries btw I’ve gained it back. Fat and me, we’re really best friends :).

So, what we’ve been doing for the last six month?

A LOT. Mostly positive and happy things. Alhamdulilah ya.

We’ve been through quite a lot good times after moving to the new house. First, days after moving we welcomed the holy month ramadhan and then celebrating hari raya. We had my cousins and nieces and nephew come to the house on that day. Fun!

September and october were also being very nice to us. One or two things did happen out of our expectation, but we’re okay with that. Life is still great anyway 🙂

You knew that i was looking forward to november, didn’t ya? Yay for our japan trip! Well, after a little drama ( two days before the trip toto got a fever, and there was a slight thought that we had to postpone the trip), eventually we flew to narita on 8 November. Back to the shore on 17 November night time, when reached home i still had to do unpacking and re-packing for jakarta trip the day after. We’re having good times with family and friends in jakarta for a week, and we’re back to singapore on 25th. Tired. And of course experiencing holiday blues.

Thank you, baby.

I may not have a romantic husband. And you may not like to shower me with the 3 magic words **yeee curcol**. But i know you do love me :).

I love you mooooooreeeee! Happy 8th Anniversary! May Allah bless us with health, wealth, and happiness. Sakinah, mawaddah, & warrahmah. Amin.

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