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[The Home] Housewarming Lunch

Ya, i decided to skip the renovation process pictures. At least for the time being.

So …

After moving in for 5 months, i finally invited some of our good friends to come and have lunch together on 30 nov. Here’s pictures from that day :

We read somewhere that when you invite family and/or friends for housewarming party, do not drain your energy to cook the whole food. Just prepare some finger foods, or just simply buy them. People come for gathering and seeing your house, not for you to showcase your cooking talent. HA! Of course i couldn’t agree more with the writer. That’s why i ordered the indonesian yellow rice set for our lunch :).

The living room before guests coming.


First guests coming at around 1 pm were shinta, wisnu, and their son aidan. Minutes after, nana and lia & husband. Well if i remember correctly, around 10-15 minutes later osseu and jin & arif came. Then we started to eat. Then, enjel & diah & dyan, budiman & wina, and ramon joined the crowd. Around 3.30 pm, the long awaited guests came … hehehehe, they’re fisty & lani from jakarta & lucy from KL.

Thanks a lot for coming, guys!

~ dyan, enjel, lucy, fisty, shinta, lani, osseu, nana, diah, wisnu, toto & me, ramon (not in pic) ~


And around 5 pm, the party was officially over.

Once again, thanks all for coming!

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  1. sipoet3 says:

    gue lagi beresin blog pindahan multiply ke wp inget udah lama gak ngecek blog lo.. rumahnya cosy banget! well done on decorating it!! kapan yaaa bisa main kesana…

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