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Our sixth Ied in Singapore. Six times we did not celebrate the day with our family back home in Jakarta. Well, I get used to it now.

Since we moved into this house we call home in 2013, we somewhat always had open house on the day of Ied-Fitr. Mostly it was an impromptu idea. I am pretty scared though, because it has a tendency to grow bigger each year :D.

This year, we had successfully hosted 20+ people! So much for a quiet Ied we had initially planned when Ramadan had just started. Half month before Ied, husband said “I think we need to have open house again this year. Banyak yang gak pulang Indo dan udah lama pada gak ngumpul.” :D:D Oh well, I suspected it was him throwing the idea first. I imagine if we lived in Jakarta, we would have had regular get-together party at home.

Gone was my hope to have peaceful last days of Ramadan this year.┬áBut of course, at the end of the day, it’s always been a real pleasure to occasionally have some friends visit and hang around our home.

Here’s some pics of the day.






Thanks, everyone, for coming!

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