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Shanghai. The city that had never been on my dream destination list. Even though I am half chinese, the idea of having a vacation on the land of the mainlanders had never crossed my mind. I’d thought if they could behave in such obnoxious manner in foreign lands, how would their attitude be in their homeland? Turned out, I had been quite prejudice. I labelled all the 1.3 billion people of China by the attitude of hundreds or thousands, or maybe a few millions I had crossed path with. Blame me.

My husband had been travelling to SH since early this year. He did ask me in January if I wanted to go with him, but I said no thanks. Hahaha. First, have I mentioned I hate flying? I won’t do it if I don’t have to. There has to be a strong reason to make me board a plane. Second, it was winter and yes, it also needs an exciting point to make me deal with the harsh cold weather. Third, why wasted the money for something I was not too excited for? Better saved it for next time, I thought.

And aha!, that better next time did really happen! 🙂 While the city itself had never been on my bucket list, visiting all the Disney Parks was on the top of the list. So when Shanghai Disneyland was officially opened in June, I asked my husband to tag me along on his upcoming trip. So there was it, my first visit to China in September 2016. And SH was a good start since this time I had all the reasons to come, nebeng bistrip nemenin suami and SHDL. 

Since I had planned my trip, I had been avoiding all negative news about SHDL. I didn’t see that live video circulated on social media about a child defecating in an open area in SHDL. I had bought the air ticket and I thought “Oh well, it was a Disneyland after all, for better or worse I just had to go”. Honestly I did put my expectation to the lowest. My trip was totally based on my faith that Disney must have done something to fix this issue as they should’ve been aware about the video. I also browsed many pictures geo-tagged with SHDL location on Instagram, and asked some of the IGers their reviews. All of those I asked, gave me positive ones and that lifted my hope.


And the reality was waaaayyyy beyond my hope and expectation. I still think I must have done something good before the trip that my husband and I were incredibly lucky that day in the park, it couldn’t get any better. I will write the story separately, all I can say here, I will definitely return to SHDL in the near future.

Three weeks I have been in Shanghai, I have enjoyed every single day I was there. Well, maybe I was just being there at the right time, crossing path with the right people, and sightseeing to the right places. Yeah, maybe I was that lucky. Whatever it was, I always believe that positive mind would get you to a better place than the negative would do. Not saying I am always positive, quite opposite, I used to worry too much on small stuff that it was tiring and led me to nothing. I guess the most important is to understand the place you’re heading for. Make an adequate plan, a necessary back up plan, and be vigilant wherever you go.

Before the trip, I had been prepared for the worst regarding mainlanders’ etiquette issue, like maybe I would get scolded by strangers or step on icky things on the street, or I might see stuff that shouldn’t be seen. But nothing that I had not experienced when I was in Jakarta had happened during my SH trip. Except that lingering smell all over the city that I didn’t fancy at all 🙂

I’m not saying Shanghai was incredibly lovely that I fell in love with it and loved to come back every year if money was not the problem though. Keep that honourable spot just for Japan, shall we? I just want to highlight that it was not that bad. As tourist, we just need to know the right places to go, the right toilet to go in to ( like seriously, THANK GOD, I always entered the right ones), and the right person to ask whatever it is you need to ask. I mean, isn’t it like that every time we travel to a new place?

I will blog a series of posts to cover all the three weeks I was in SH. I make a promise to myself I will complete all of them before end of 2016. Hopefully I can push myself harder and manage to write about the recent trip to Hong Kong with my family before new year. I don’t want to repeat the same stupid thing. I regret not writing about our two months stay in Basel two years ago. Sigh.


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