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I have been doing major cleaning on my social media accounts these past months. More precisely, deleting MANY photos and unfollowing some useless instagram accounts.

The easiest is my Facebook account as it’s been so so many years I’ve only used the platform to connect with groups of friends and to share useful articles. I had had it secured with maximum possible security measure allowed and believe me, for the past years I have only 300+ FB friends :). My photo albums had mostly been locked to private, but early this year I had asked myself “would I miss the pictures?  “, the answer was NO, hence I deleted most of the albums. Yeah, it feels good, actually! 🙂

Path was the second step. Hard at first, but apparently since I came back from my umrah trip and the event of my dad’s passing, I have been more and more rare to share a post on path. I just felt I had lost my appetite to share anything there because unlike instagram which I could leave a picture without caption, on Path, you’re expected to share a line or two as well. And that’s precisely what I have been trying to stop, both online and offline : to speak my mind for nothing. And another thing about Path I found hard to give up : we’d like to see updates from people not because we care ( oh, please), but obviously because we’d like to talk about them with our circle. And I think, this is the most dangerous and sinful thing about Path ( or all social media, I may say) that I desperately need to get rid off. My goal is to delete my Path account before 2018. Well, I have a feeling I can actualise it sooner than my goal, though. I just have to believe, when we want to do something for a great cause, our path was made easier.

Then, instagram. This one has been a constant struggle :), but I’m getting there. I started with the oldest ones. Easy, because to tell the truth, I myself really had no idea why on earth I had those freaking awful filters back then. I first joined instagram in December 2010, at the very moment I got my iPhone4, so you could imagine the quality I had at that time. Second phase was also pretty smooth as my goal was deleting all pictures in which I was wearing short pants, short skirt, sleeveless top, deep neckline, and all. And all unnecessary selfies , like the one I took just to show off my lipstick colour or the new haircut. Hahaha. Sorry babes, you all gotta go. Next step was sorting out pictures of things. Like, a parade of my recent purchases or what I eat.  Except for those which are really memorable, like being shot while traveling, I had deleted many cups of coffee and many food related pictures.

I forgot to take note on how many posts I had in my instagram before the cleaning process started, I think it’s 1500-1700? I remember I had a post celebrating 1000th post and it was my shameless selfie in Colmar, France back in 2014. And of course, it was also deleted. As per now, October 12th, I have 774 posts. I still don’t have a heart to delete my traveling pictures. And there is only one selfie left, though, it is the one taken at Kanazawa castle in January this year. I looked decent and quite modest on the shot, so I think I’ll let it there for longer time. 😉

Btw, I’ve been also deleting pictures in this blog. Still in progress.

W H Y, you ask?

Some of my closest ones, I suspect they might be aware that I’ve been changing. I am still learning a lot of things actually, but one thing I know, everyday, I have to make a progress.

I still can’t make a decision to wear head scarf and fully covered clothes, but the least I can do are wearing loose top whose sleeves longer than my elbows and loose fitting pants longer than my half calves. Also, I wear my hair on a bun/ponytail. Once in a while I still wear it loose, but I maintain my hair on very simple cut. No bangs with about-the-shoulders length.

I still can’t resist temptations of posting images on my instagram, the least I can do is I make sure they are things I really want to remember for a long time and whenever I look at it, I’ll feel warm and good. Darn, I also still can’t resist to post my self pictures, but now I really really contemplate a lot before posting it. Most of the time, it is me with other persons.

I won’t talk about why I am doing what I am doing. At least, not now. A lot of references scattered there on internet and it’s indeed an extremely personal choice. Frankly, I was one of those who was used to defensively say “why? can’t we get some entertainment and pleasures while we’re living? i don’t harm people and i do what many others do as well.” 🙂 Yes, I was like that not too long ago. Now that I am trying to be more open for knowledge and putting my ego lower, I understand the benefit. We can never control what other people think about us, but you like it or not, the things people would do because what they see on us, it will become our responsibility.

And btw, what becomes a norm in society does not necessarily become something righteous. Does it?

After all, if now I can look at my old instagram pictures ( back then in 2011-2012) and felt meh to some of those, it’s likely possible I’ll feel the same in the next 5-6 years. So why put my relationship with my creator at risk for something so trivial?


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  1. happy9olucky_ says:

    Alhamdulillah, your umrah trip made an impact, embrace the journey to be a better you in term of character and faith.

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