[ 24 January, 2017]

First instalment of 2017 Japan Trip series.

Let me start with telling you that this was my first time to experience this much of snow. And as any first experience is supposed to be, it was truly memorable. It was magical.

Well, I was a bit worried at first because I went solo for a day trip to Kanazawa ( from Tokyo, while the husband was working) and I had not expected it to be fully covered by snow. And to tell you the truth, I went there without any expectation as it was just my effort to make the most of my one week JRPass. I had thought, the worst possible scenario was I stayed around the station and eat a lot :). The city is well known for their super fresh sea food.

Arriving at Kanazawa station by shinkansen, just right before stepping out to main entrance, there’s easily spotted tourist counter. Can’t be missed.

The city itself is actually very easy to navigate and by using its city loop bus we are extremely unlikely to be lost. But, I lost. Hahaha. Maybe lost was exaggerating, it’s just I was totally clueless on my first stop, which by GPS it’s only hundreds meters from the station. There’s supposed to be the stop where nearby I could find some old traditional houses. Alas, everything had been covered by thick snow and snow fell heavily when I alighted the bus.

No signs on possible touristy place and only a couple of people seen, all looked to be in a hurry. I was dead sure even for some impossibly polite Japanese, they would have mentally cursed me if I had stopped them to ask direction ( in english!!) in the middle of heavy snowfall. So then I had just walked aimlessly for a couple of minutes not knowing what to do and what to look for before I headed back to where I had alighted the bus. Then I decided to cross the street to board a bus going back to station. Sigh. Such an amateur traveler.


Long story short, after restarting from Kanazawa station and made a brief stop to Omi-cho market to grab quick lunch, I boarded another city loop bus to Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden ( they are in the same area, next to each other).

had a bowl of fresh sashimi don here.


Some shots from the moving bus :


this area is famous with their sakura view in spring


From Omi-cho market, if my memory doesn’t fail me, it took around 15-20 minutes bus ride to Kenrokuen area. It depends on which loop bus you take, the one I took stopped opposite the garden and castle area.

Here, pictures say better than me. Although, to tell you the truth, they do not do them justice. Reality was far more mesmerizing that my eyes were greedy, they liked to record every single thing laid before them.


Kanazawa Castle


I didn’t explore the castle. So little time so much to do. I know it is a lame phrase hahaha, but it says much about the place and situation at that time. A thing I dislike about winter is its short daylight. And the fact that I knew myself, once I went inside, I could take longer time than initially planned.

So, I went out and headed toward the garden. Have I mentioned I was alone and almost frozen? There, at the first cafe I found on the way to Kenrokuen ( only a five minutes walk from the castle, fyi), I stepped inside. Good God, I was seated nicely at the corner with wide glass window overlooking the castle. The girl was just lucky, wasn’t she?

golden sprinkle on matcha. It’s tasteless, but who cares? It’s photogenic.

shot from my warm and comfortable seat upstair the cafe 🙂



Kenrokuen Garden ( Top 3 Must Visit Gardens in Japan)

The only thing I can say is, if you plan a winter holiday in Japan and Kanazawa is on your list, and forecast says it will be snowing, please make a stop at this garden. You. Will. Not. Regret. Subhannallah, the view was spectacular! If only I didn’t have a train to catch. Sigh. With this one, I have only a garden left to pursue, out of the three must visit, it is Kairakuen in Mito.

Kenrokuen, I bet the garden looks gloriously beautiful as well during the peak of sakura and autumn, but that day I was there, it’s just ( almost) perfect. I wish my husband came with me. 🙁

Anyway, all these photos are not retouched, taken with Fujifilm XT-2. I’m too lazy to edit one by one, especially the brightness. And don’t ask why I didn’t do proper setting when I was there. I was lazy (like always), and with all that laid in front of me, I chose to live the moment and soak in the beauty of the place.



Having seen the pictures, can you feel the cold? It’s nearly zero with occasionally snowfall, but surprisingly I was less miserable compared the days we were in Disney parks. One thing I regretted was my inappropriate shoes. Should have worn boots instead.

Oh, and of course, I regret that husband was not with me on the Kanazawa trip. But worry not, shall we? Japan is always on the list, so long as money and time allow, we can always revisit. 🙂 – lalu terdengar : “kok enak!”

taken with iPhone6s


And to finish this post, I am giving you a brief information ala wikipedia 🙂 , Kanazawa station is considered as a must see station in Japan for it is one of the most eye pleasing station buildings. It adopts modern and minimalist design, with a touch of some japanese philosophical concepts here and there. I won’t bother you all with boring stuff you can browse yourselves on google 😀

Oh, I nearly forget, you may want to spare an hour before train schedule to explore the food market inside the station. I had less than 40 minutes and I felt like racing in Supermarket Sweep.


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