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[28 January, 2017]

Second instalment of our Japan Trip series. I’ve decided to post one or two cities in a post instead of writing a usual travel journal. I know people getting tired with seeing everyone holidaying in Japan these past few years 😀 , and for us, since it was our fourth Japan trip and we revisited a couple of places, so yeah I think I’ll skip the boring details.


If you should take a short day trip from Kyoto, it’s definitely Nara. Only an hour train ride from Kyoto station, Nara is a typical touristy Japanese old town you would love. I think a day trip would be sufficient since most of the attractions located within walking distance from Nara station. And like anywhere in Japan, Nara would be a lot prettier in Spring and Autumn.

Due to our plan to get dinner in Kobe, we couldn’t explore much of the town, we only visited Todaiji temple and Nara Deer Park. Just walk along Sanjo dori, a street right in a corner opposite Nara station. You’ll find souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants along the street.


A few good things about traveling to Japan in January are it is less crowded ( January after new year holiday up to end of February is low season) and despite its single digit temperature ( and sometimes it’s nearly zero), tourists would be spoiled by cloudless blue sky and abundant sunshine. On my three weeks stay in January 2017, I only experienced one gloomy day with constant drizzling in Tokyo area, and another light rainy day in Kyoto. The rest was just perfect to go out and get lost. 🙂

I didn’t take many pictures in Nara, so here I leave you with a few.


entrance of Nara Deer Park

No food allowed to feed deer in this park, except the ¥150 special crackers sold all around the premise.

entrance to Todaiji



In order to make the most of our JR Pass, we travelled to Kobe just for dinner 😀 . Therefore  we couldn’t spend time in Nara as long as we wanted because we aimed to return to Kyoto in the afternoon and took a train to Kobe. It’s less than an hour ride and we managed to get there just in time to have dinner.

I might be wrong, but from what I had browsed, I think apart from the luxury of having kobe beef in Kobe ( duh!), the city has nothing much to offer for tourists. And how’s the kobe beef? Hahaha, to tell you the truth, with the bill we paid, we much much prefer the hida beef in Takayama. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, how could it not be if we had the grade A5 one, but given the fact Takayama is far more beautiful and the price there was cheaper ( back in 2013), so definitely  hida beef is the winner.


on our way to the restaurant – Ishida Kitanozaka


That’s all. Till next part!

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