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Tokyo Bay Skyline

Let’s just say, I was lucky that by chance, my husband and his team got rooms at Hilt0n Tokyo Odaiba for their three weeks stay in Tokyo. A bit surprised because initially I had thought he would stay somewhere in central with all the hustle and bustle that characterise Tokyo. As we always stayed in Shinjuku every time we had been in Tokyo, having to stay slightly away from the busy crowd in central Tokyo was in fact a very nice idea. Odaiba is a district popular for tourists, actually, but more for shopping and entertainment. That’s why we had never been there before 😀

What particularly excited me was the fact that the hotel has the luxury of being in the waterfront of Odaiba and each room has a balcony facing the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay, with a glimpse of the most iconic landmark of the city, Tokyo Tower. Super Yay! My husband had arrived in Tokyo a day earlier. He reached the hotel in afternoon, just in time to witness some gorgeous sunset out the hotel room’s window which he kindly took a snap of it and shared it to me – who at that moment was still busy with some house chores.

The day after, I landed in Haneda at night. He picked me up and it took only a good 20 minutes by taxi from Haneda airport to Odaiba, which I thanked God for that because had I landed in Narita I think we would have reached hotel by midnight 🙁 . The next morning I woke up, I was welcomed by unusually quiet and calm Tokyo with some pastel shade of morning sky peeking up at the far east. Sigh. I wish I could wake up with that every day ( aamiin). My husband and I, well we don’t normally sleep with the curtains open and I personally have almost zero tolerant to the slightest light to be able to fall asleep. But with a spectacle like this, it’s definitely a crime to close the curtains, don’t you think?

Here are some shots taken from the balcony of our room ( yes it was freezing and sometimes in the morning I was too lazy to put my coat on, so I just went out in my pajamas and quickly snapped a couple of pictures before hurrying back inside).


11 January, 2017. Arrived in Tokyo the night before and welcomed by this gorgeous pastel colors sky in the morning.

11 January, 2017. Taken before I went out to lunch.

11 January, 2017. Nightfall in Odaiba.

11 January, 2017. A couple hours later, when the lamps on bridge changed. And basically, every night we fell asleep with this gorgeous view outside our window. –

13 January, 2017. Sunrise. – and woke up with this.

13 January, 2017. Before sunset, taken outside the hotel building.

22 January, 2017.

22 January, 2017. Yup, Tokyo’s Liberty was exactly on our door step 🙂


For the hotel itself, it is what you would expect from an aging Hilt0n. Our stay was fine, no mishaps. But location wise, it’s rather inconvenient for tourists with packed itinerary. In my opinion, if you have no plan to go to Tokyo Disney Parks and you are without children, unless you are there for business trip, I don’t see why tourist would stay at this hotel. That’s why I said in the beginning at this post that I was lucky because we honestly never considered to stay in Odaiba area before, even it had never been on our itineraries.

At first, I planned to only share pictures from our balcony as vantage point for Tokyo Bay skyline. But on second thought, I’d better include some pictures taken from the observatory deck of Fuji TV building as well. Without further ado, here they are :


FUJI TV building taken from our balcony.

FUJI TV building in Odaiba.

Tokyo Bay – from 25th floor of FUJI TV building

closer look of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower – from 25th floor of FUJI TV building

farther right of Tokyo Bay – from 25th floor of FUJI TV building

The Classic Tokyo Tower vs The Modern Tokyo Skytree. Which one is your favourite? Mine is of course Tokyo Tower. I can’t help but feeling romantic every time I see it. 😉

There below is Hilton Hotel Odaiba. Now you see the building, don’t you agree that I was indeed lucky 🙂 ? I had a room with a perfect vantage point.

closer look on Tokyo Skytree.

view on the back of FUJI TV building


Cheers! 🙂

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