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55. Ar Rahman

A ten minutes clip of NAK’s lecture to ponder upon the favours of Allah, The Compassionate, The Beneficent (Ar Rahman).


Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny? – QS Ar Rahman (55) , repeated 31 times in a chapter of 78 verses



For me, Ar Rahman is one of those surah(s) that are not difficult to understand. The verses are short and even without tafsir and deeper learning, we will understand the surah quite easily. The idea of this surah is universal, basic, and unless one’s heart is hard and corrupted, it definitely would be moved by these 78 verses. For basic skill of Quran recitation, it only takes 15 minutes or so to complete Ar Rahman. While I like to recite Al Mulk at some nights ( still trying to be consistent) before sleeping, Ar Rahman is more suitable for morning time ( it’s personal preference, not based on hadith etc). At the silence of early morning before dawn, before I am distracted by the world, nothing is better than to acknowledge the all blessings Allah has bestowed me and thank Him for that. For having given me a chance to wake up and live a new day full of choices. Even my victory for overcoming laziness and drowsiness at that hour, my choice to recite a line or two of Quran over the comfort of my bed, it is a bless. Isn’t it? Because I am absolutely powerless without His mercy, without Him turning my heart to the right beat.


And here’s the full surah, recited beautifully and movingly by my favourite Qari, Mishary Al Afasi. Listen. Read the translation. Or just close your eyes. And tell me what you feel. Relax, calm, and peaceful? Or moved, overwhelmed, and you can’t help but shedding tears? I say it depends on your situation because I have had mixed reaction whenever I heard it.


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