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Last saturday, i met mas ali at vivo city. He was in the island to see an airshow and i was really excited when he mentioned me on twitter and asked to meet up. We had two hours of a nice chat, talking about my previous office’s gossips, current progress of my old team mates, and random stuff.

Mas ali was my senior when i was working at mepi, the last company i worked for in jakarta. I remember, months after i joined the company ( i was appointed in reporting group, under management accounting dept), i was asked to learn about joint venture accounting from him. Afterward, for the rest of my working time in mepi, i was part of jva team.

I can’t lie myself that sometimes i miss working, but all i want is my old job with the old squad. I was lucky to get such beautiful experience. We used to be a solid team that oftenly went lunch outside together like a swarm of bees, literally, because we’re indeed really noisy and sometimes annoying :)). There were times that we’re off for lunch at 11 am and back to the office at 1.30 pm. But from what i heard, things are different now. The good old days have gone.

Okay, let’s see whether i still remember all of them. Mas truelly, the head of the reporting gank. Mas ali, krista, mas andre, mas najib, mas fahmi, mas syahrul, mas zaid, erick, firda, iwan, and fachru. Plus teyes from cost control.

I do miss them now.

Here’s pictures of us.
The studio photos had been taken months before i resigned. At that time, some of structural positions had changed. And mas truelly was supposedly to be transferred to oman. It was then cancelled and he was back to the team.
Another picture was captured at 2006 year end company event. Most of the team plus other staffs in finance and accounting division presented a stage perfomance (operet), a parody of cinderella. It was a huge chaos and lots of fun!




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