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I remember when i was in my teen years, my older cousin who studied in SF (circa 1990-1995) told me that due to major earthquake happened in that city years before, he always had one particular bag contained mineral water, biscuits, spare clothes, flashlight, passport and other important documents, near his front door of his apartment. So if an unfortunate event happened, he would just grab the bag and go. Well, i forget whether or not it was an earthquake during his time there.

Moving to KL was my first experience of being totally independent from my family, my parents to be exact. It included how i learned to keep my own (and hubby’s) important documents, which for so long i had relied on my father to keep. At first, i just kept our docs (birth certs, marriage certs, graduation certs, and other certificates/letters) on a plastic bag in my wardrobe. But then on 2009, a big earthquake happened in padang, west sumatera. Suddenly i remembered my cousin’s story about his emergency bag, and i started to prepare ours. That time, i googled and found that this certain bag called “go bag”. A bag you could bring with you in one go, in case such situation happens. I discovered that it does actually contain AY LOT of things. Things you might not think that you need them in emergency situation.


pic taken from www.aac-rerc.psu.edu

However, as i am writing this post, i am still in process of completing our go bag. But i have secured what i’ve thought to be the most importants, such as :

  • our important documents/bank books/cards ( quite many, you know. and heavy!),
  • some cash (need to put more, i guess),
  • disposal under garments for me and him and spare tops,
  • a pack of energy bars,
  • one bottle of water (initially two, but i took one and haven’t replaced it yet),
  • feminine pads,
  • flashlight,
  • scissors,
  • plastic bags,
  • wet and dry tissue,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • rubber band,
  • band aid,
  • paracetamol,
  • face masks,
  • pen, and blank paper.

I know i’ve still missed some other essentials :(, and i am aware that i shouldn’t put all our stuff in one go bag. We need two instead, for each of us. Okay, this gotta be my homework then to prepare it (more) well.

If you google “go bag contents”, you will find many options of what you should put in to. Yet, they all basically are the same. Think what you personally need for staying alive without help, for days! To me, these are what i should do to make our go bag more reliable :

  • Get one extra backpack for him
  • Get another one of each items i now have in current bag, for his bag
  • Prepare better first aid (more basic medicines)
  • Put more cash
  • Rent a deposit box in bank to save all of our documents, except passports
  • Try to follow some go bag references and complete the contents ( e.g. whistle, local map, coins, eye drops, antiseptic balm)

For some of you, it probably sounds ridiculous and so exaggerating. As if there’s no place to ask help, you may think. I did think like that at the first place. I thought why i was acting like it’s a war or armageddon. But then again, better safe than sorry, isn’t it? It just needs a little effort, after all.

My friend who stays in japan, mia, said that a japanese told her that in such a panic situation, you won’t remember your go bag, and the most important thing you should bring is cash. A lot of cash. Well, i agree with them. But it’s still extremely substantial to build our go bag, while we can. For the peace of mind. Because i am afraid, if we don’t prepare it and bad thing happens (knocking on wood) (audzubillah min dzalik), in such panic condition we then remember to bring this and that. Surely, it would delay our steps to go outside. And we don’t want it to happen, right?

And in case we end up forgetting to grab our prepared bag, ya mau gimana lagi, namapun lupa. All in all, we are safe and sound, right? Lagi-lagi ya, amit amit jabang bayi, audzubillah min dzalik jangan sampe kudu ngalamin yang kayak begitu.

So, do you have your own go bag?

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3 Responses to “GO BAG”

  1. missdeelicious says:

    Great post, Rika! It’s good to be reminded that it’s a good thing to be fully prepared for natural disaster. I remember during elementary-high school, it was in fact mandatory to turn in our emergency box at the beginning of the school year. The box contains band aids, rubbing alcohol, a gallon of water, batteries, flashlight, raincoat, non perishable food and a blanket. We also have emergency box in the basement of our house and in the trunk of our car (plus a first aid kit). We don’t have earthquakes unlike in California since we live in the Midwest but we do have crazy tornadoes. Now that I live in Malaysia, I think it is a good idea to continue with the emergency box/go bag. 🙂

  2. Mia says:

    selain go bag, cash, yg paling penting kata Japs; mental. Berat abis nih soal mental, mereka yg udah tau negerinya negeri 1000 gempa aja banyak yg ‘goyang’ mentalnya krn kejadian 311 kmaren…duh mudah2an kita selalu dilindungi Allah yaa Ka di manapun kita berada, aamiin…

    • ambung ambung says:

      Ohiyaaa…gue tuh lupa masalah mental pas nulis ini :). Iya bener lo nyebut mental yah pas di tweet itu 🙂 dan he-eh banget, itu yang paling utama. Sebenernya dgn nyiapin go bag, itu cukup sedikitt membantu membangun mental loh mi. Kita jd keep aware kalo liat ini tas. hahahha. Apalagi gue kan yang emang passport dan tetek bengek surat ditaroh di dalemnya, sering deh buka2. Sembari ngecek makanannya udah expired belum :))

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