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Goodbye Twin Towers City, Hello Merlion Island

Hubby and I have been living in Singapore since mid of July. Because he was employed as a contractor in KL, we always anticipated the idea of moving abroad every year. Still, it was a tough decision. We’re torn between to keep staying in KL and to take chance of living in a new place where we both realized it’s gonna be tougher than KL. After many thoughts & considerations we both shared, we decided the latter. We agreed our life in KL was too comfortable which was not good for some reasons. Yes, we did have a good life there, but we both have such a big dream to pursue. So good life won’t stop us to reach the great, the greater, and the greatest one.

Leaving our friends was the hardest (thanks to FB so we could still keep in touch). I kept on telling myself, no matter how hard we avoid a goodbye, even if we choose to stay, someday they will leave us after all. I just hardly imagine all of us will stay in KL forever. It’s not our home town. I wasn’t sad when I left Jakarta 3 years ago because I knew it’s always be our home, and our families and friends will always be there waiting for us to visit 🙂

Then, the city itself. While millions of people in Indonesia loathe Malaysia so much 🙂 , we both love KL! I mean ..love staying in KL. It’s quite much like living in jakarta with less crowded traffic, brighter blue sky, cleaner roads, and more worldwide brands available 🙂 . The people are also not that bad, in fact I met many friendly, humble, and open minded people there. okay…perhaps a few of them aren’t so nice, but hey… they’re everywhere! Even in Jakarta, I bet we all have bitchy friends/colleaques/neighbours, dont we? Somehow I feel blessed I’ve been there, living as a resident so I could open my mind and see every stories in two sides 🙂

Now, it’s been 3 months after we left the twin tower city. Sometimes we did look back on how easy our life in KL was…especially in our first month here when everything seemed to be hard to control. Hubby was easy to get sick, which made me quite desperate. And while he adapted with the high pace of work, I handled almost everything about moving issues and domestic stuff. This transition period was well and truly exhausting and stressful. Fortunately, things were getting better in second month and now I think our life has been back on its track.

Hopefully, we made the right decision. Insya Allah.


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