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[BB] Our 1st Japan Trip – Part 2 : Kanto

On this second part, we’re going to go around tokyo and having a day trip to hakone. & we would also have a (really) brief visit to yokohama from hakone, just for grabbing some tees from hard rock and dinner . Both hakone & yokohama are very close to tokyo. So, for those who only could make a visit to tokyo, you might want to put these two cities on your itinerary. They’re both truly worth visiting ( i eventually went again to yokohama for a full day trip on our 2nd visit to japan in 2010).

Btw, if you miss the part 1 ( day 1, day 2, and half of day 3), you might want to see it here.

DAY 3 : Arriving at TOKYO

after taking 2.5 hours shinkansen ride from kyoto, we finally arrived at tokyo station. eh wait, i forget this’s tokyo or shinagawa station. well, whichever, from this station, we took another train, metro, to shinjuku station. (kalau ada yang nanya, kenapa suami g5e kepotong, bodoh amat yang motret, bokkk ini sebenernya mau focus di timetable board ituuu…ada tulisan tokyo-nya. gak kelihatan tapinya ya?)

arrived at sunroute shinjuku plaza hotel, just 5-7 mins walking distance from shinjuku station.

this’s our hotel room at the sunroute shinjuku plaza.Β it’s tiny indeed, but for a $100++ very clean room located really near to shinjuku station, this one’s still the best deal for a couple traveller like us.

our room for the next 6 nights πŸ™‚

the bathroom. love the bath gel and shampoo. they’re from pola.

sunset in tokyo. viewing from the observatory floor of the TGMB

looking for some food on our way back to hotel. if i’m not wrong, it’s somewhere in kabukicho, the red light district in tokyo. it’s jam-packed with people. **iiih…ganggu aja nih watermark**

oooooh…finallyyyyyy!! my foot were full of band aid plasters πŸ™



arrived at tsukiji before 8 am. for a place that sunrise is 4.30 am on summer, this’s way too late. well actually, we didn’t have any recommendation for a good sashimi place, but we guessed this must be one of the most famous in here πŸ™‚

breakfast menu. fresh from the ocean πŸ™‚

the other shop – cute!!


along the Nakamise-dori


the street is closed for cars on weekend

the tokyo tower πŸ™‚

view from the look down window at the main observatory of tokyo tower, 150 m above the ground. Β there’s a higher special observatory, but the ticket fare is rather expensive so we didn’t go πŸ™‚

the surrounding view from 150 m above the ground

From tokyo tower, we’re back to the hotel first to drop the shopping bags and rest for a while. around 5 pm we’re off to harajuku and hard rock ropongi.

dinner at pepper lunch ropongi (hmm the sentence’s quite contradicting). see the machine near the glass window? we chose and paid our meals by that. thankfully they provided pictures, or else, we couldn’t understand πŸ™‚




This trip to hakone is absolutely recommended. You’ll get the beautiful view, you can see mount fuji if you’re lucky, try the onsen ( you should stay overnight), and an unforgettable experience of taking various transportations like ferry, ropeway/gondola, and cable car.

nice train, yes? this romance car’s a direct train from shinjuku to odawara. but it’s not under JR, which means we must pay if we want to ride it.

and because we had japan rail pass, we’re free taking shinkansen from tokyo station to odawara station. from odawara, we took this odakyu train to the closest railway to hakone, hakone-yumoto. Oh, and you can buy the hakone free pass here in odawara.

after taking an hour bus ride from hakone-yumoto st, we arrived at lake asahi. we then took this ferry to sail across to togendai.

i tell you one thing, i was actually glad that it was cloudy and light raining. therefore i didn’t need to be torn between having to ride the ropeway/gondola and not πŸ™‚

having lunch

salah menu gue. i didn’t like the cold soba. πŸ™

the cable car , connecting sounzan and gora station.

pak masinis πŸ™‚

outside gora st


gora st

this was good.

taking hakone tozan railway to hakone-yumoto station. this was a fantastic 30-45 minutes ride with a narrow track along the mountains. beautiful scenery. and this picture was taken by a kind elderly woman who seemed pity for us taking our pic by ourselves πŸ™‚

let’s go back to our hotel. what a day!


To be continued on Part 3 and Part 4…

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