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BB : Our 1st Japan Trip – Part 4 : Sanrio Puroland & Narita (The End)

At last, the final installment of the picture-story of our first trip to japan. Okay, this isn’t as much as the 3 parts earlier, i promise! 🙂 Secara yah bok di-sini yang ng-upload foto juga capek beneuuur!


Well, initially i excluded this sanrio puroland from our itinerary. First, because it’s a pretty long journey, about 1.5 – 2 hours train ride from tokyo. Second, i thought it’s a bit unfair to him. That’s why at first i just left the 8th day empty. I thought we could stroll around tokyo casually and enjoy the city. However, this once-in-a-blue-moon-so-very-kind-hearted hubby :), insisted on going to puroland. He’s even the one who searched the train’s timetable to puroland. Manisnya yaaa dia terkadang 🙂 uhuk.

going to tama center city

the pink mcD

inside the puroland

I’m telling you here, if you bring 3-6 years old kids, it will be worth the journey and the ticket fare. As for me, paying Yen 3000/person was too much. Plus, the shops inside are more for little kids as well. But it’s okay, we still had fun though. Moreover, this day was supposedly spent for casual sight seeing and no particular plan sacrificed. Daripada penasaran jaya kan kalo enggak keturutan didatengin. 🙂

From tama center city, we’re heading back to our hotel in shinjuku to freshen up. And while i was starting to pack things and stuff as tomorrow we would fly back to kuala lumpur very early in the morning, he was starting to snore zzzzz. Last day on holiday always gives me mixed feeling. Happy and grateful, exhausted, and sad. For sure, I would get the post-holiday blues as soon as we landed in KL.

On afternoon, we had no plans, so we casually walked around shinjuku area to find foods for dinner. On our way back to the hotel, still in somewhere around shinjuku, we found a quite shocking view. We, well i, had never thought that there are actually homeless people in japan. Mostly the elderly people. From what we saw, they slept on flattened cardboard boxes, in front of closed stores. 🙁 Kesian banget lihatnya.


shinjuku neighbourhood

ujung-ujungnya nyampe di kabukicho lagi…. 🙂

shinjuku area

shinjuku area – 2


DAY 9 : NARITA & Flying Back To KLIA ( with an hour transit in Kota Kinabalu)

taking an early narita shuttle bus from our hotel and arrived before 10 am. Still got 2 hours more before taking off.

narita airport

snack time… well, what else could distract me from my nervousness of flying?

the appetizer

the entree

We arrived at KLIA in the evening, around at 8 – 9 pm. I remember that we must go through health screening and fill in a form to declare that we didn’t get any fever or whatsoever. That’s the period when japan was having H1N1 outbreak in osaka and kobe. That’s why you didn’t see us traveling to osaka, even though we landed at kansai airport (KIX).

Well, that’s it! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the whole 4 posts! Cheers…

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