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Hello There!

Hi! Greetings from The Little Red Dot!

My husband and I, we’re both from Jakarta, Indonesia. We had resided in Kuala Lumpur for about 4 years before moving to Singapore in July 2010. I then took this moment of starting our new chapter to start blogging (a little) seriously because to tell you the truth, I regret I didn’t start earlier. Too many great things were left unrecorded and as time gone by, the memories had been fading away little by little. But, they always say, it’s better late than never, right? 🙂

About US

Both of us, grew up in Jakarta. After 2 years in courtship, we tied the knot in 2005. Pretty soon after that, he got a job in Kuala Lumpur and moved there. So, yes, the newlyweds had to go through the LDR for a year and a half before eventually in September 2007, I decided to give up my career as a corporate staff in oil company. Moving out of Jakarta and being a housewife were never on my plan, so having said that, that was indeed slightly scary at the first time, but I decided to just live the moment and see what life had in store for me and the husband.

Our life in KL was wonderful. We crossed paths with so many people, from whom we learned so many things. We have a lot of good friends there and lived a good life. And then, after a deep consideration, in 2010 there finally came the day we must bid a farewell to the twin tower city and all the things we loved there. Moving to Singapore was among the hardest decisions we ever made. Well, going out of (a very) comfort zone is never easy, yes? But thankfully, we made it and we survived the transition phase quite well.

And now, we safely say Singapore is our home. A place where we’ve been living for almost 2 years, and probably for another 2, 12, or even 20 years more. Our life here is no perfection, but we perfectly enjoy it. One thing is sure, though, wherever we go whatever we do, Jakarta will always be a home of our family and friends. And as long as we’re both together, any city could be our home.

That’s then become one of a few reasons I decided to change my blog’s setting from private to public. To share a glimpse of our life to family and friends wherever they are. I am not always fun and nice, I tell you. I could be somewhat irritating and full of sarcasms. And boring, too. So, thank you for those revisiting my blog regularly :). Anyway, if something on my writing bothers you, feel free to nudge me, because that might not be my intention at the first place :).

Thanks and cheers!

note : 
I started this blog with Posterous ( www.ambung.posterous.com ). Due to recent progress that it was acquired by Twitter, I then exported all my blog contents to this WordPress (with a help of my hubby, of course), and bought this rikaraudah.com on April 16, 2012. Well, I am happy that we did it. Thank you, Love!


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  1. Rudy says:

    Nanya dong, itu plug in social media yg di bawah posting, pake apa yah?
    nice blog.. keep it up.. found that SG living cost very useful 🙂

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