Gloriously Beautiful Sunrise


[late post for October 2016] Finally, the day was here. Hahaha ini gaung reuni feui angkatan 96 kedengeran udah dari awal 2015 rasanya. Kebetulan puti dan rateh ikut di kepanitiaan, jadi gank kita mayan update sama beritanya. Lama nunggu hari H nya = punya banyak waktu buat mengurangi ke-chubby-an 🙂 Gak usah bohong deh .. penting dong ya kelihatan maksimal pas reuni? LOL.
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Shanghai. The city that had never been on my dream destination list. Even though I am half chinese, the idea of having a vacation on the land of the mainlanders had never crossed my mind. I’d thought if they could behave in such obnoxious manner in foreign lands, how would their attitude be in their homeland? Turned out, I had been quite prejudice.
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Girls’ trip to Melaka.

Mid April this year, we finally actualised our girls’ trip plan, to Melaka/Melacca. For years I’d wanted to visit this culture-rich city, but never been realised. Then suddenly I went there twice in less than two months. Toto and I had had a weekend trip 1.5 months earlier. And due to the lack of good pictures and similar itinerary with
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Our sixth Ied in Singapore. Six times we did not celebrate the day with our family back home in Jakarta. Well, I get used to it now. Since we moved into this house we call home in 2013, we somewhat always had open house on the day of Ied-Fitr. Mostly it was an impromptu idea. I am pretty scared though,
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I’m back. Soon.

No, you are not seeing things. And no, this blog is not being hacked. It will be updated soon. Really soon, I promise. 🙂 cheers.

Still …

Still here … still generally happy, and still with my insistent mood swing. And i found this old time favourite never fails to soothe my occasionally-bad temper. Oh, and i love this version sung by X-Factor’s Matt Cardle as well. cheers!

a thought from my restless mind

Warn you that this post is a bit unusual. Just like me recently who somehow have been slightly out of characters. So you’d better ignore it. Or read it and then forget it as it’s just a random thought from my restless mind. If there’s one thing i could be proud of myself, it would be my ability to control myself.
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yeah i know i’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time. I have at least 3 unfinished drafts. God knows when i will finally post them.  

[The Home] Housewarming Lunch

Ya, i decided to skip the renovation process pictures. At least for the time being. So … After moving in for 5 months, i finally invited some of our good friends to come and have lunch together on 30 nov. Here’s pictures from that day : We read somewhere that when you invite family and/or friends for housewarming party, do
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